What shall I wear to my first class?

A t-shirt and shorts are fine for the first few classes. If you decide Bjj is for you then you will need to buy a gi and some no gi clothing. There are options for every budget and we can recommend various brands.

What shall I expect in my first class?

Every class is a little different, but generally it’s a short warm up followed by some throw or takedown practice, then we will go through a specific technique for 30 minutes or so.  After this we will do some sparring.

What is sparring?

Sparring is what makes Bjj an effective art. It’s a chance to practice the techniques you have been learning against at a resisting opponent.  It’s normally the part of the class most people look forward to the most.

Is it suitable for beginners?

Complete beginners are welcome. In a typical class all belt levels will train with each other, it is very helpful to train with people of all experience levels.  Private lessons are available for those wishing to get ahead quicker.

Will i be graded if i only train no gi?

You will still be graded but we will expect you to learn the basics techniques in the gi. So occasional attendance to a gi class is advised.

I would like to compete in MMA, can you help me?

Of course, our classes focus on grappling. However we are part of Dorking Dojo which also home of Crash Kombat if you wish to work on your striking.