About Koba BJJ

We are a friendly club based in Dorking Surrey, training in all aspects of Brazilian jiu-jitsu (aka. BJJ) and submission grappling.

We pride ourselves on creating a fun but hard working environment.

We cater to all levels and have classes for kids and beginners.

We train in the Gi (traditional uniform, like a judo gi) and no-gi, shorts and a rash guard.

Most of the classes are no gi as we believe this is what can make you a more effective grappler.

In no-gi we learn how to position our bodies and move in such a way that we have control over our partners movement.

In the Gi classes we prioritize learning techniques that specifically take advantage of the gi for grips or submissions.

We believe that this is the most efficient way to learn grappling.

If you wish to compete, or simply learn an effective martial art in a nice environment we have everything you need!

What is Brazilian Jiu-jitsu?

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, or Bjj, is a grappling martial art focusing on ground fighting.

The techniques employed enable a smaller person to defeat a larger stronger opponent.
A system of joint locks and chokes are the primary tools of BJJ. However a strategy of positional dominance can also be employed to allow a practitioner to use strikes to subdue an opponent.
Bjj has always been essential in the sport of MMA and to this day is an important part of the training.

Bjj is also a growing sport worldwide, with submission grappling or no gi jiu-jitsu becoming popular.

Because of it’s proven effectiveness and the fact that the main training known as ‘rolling’ or sparring is so much fun Bjj continues to grow in popularity worldwide.