BJJ fundamentals classes

The fundamentals class is designed to give you a broad overview of the basic techniques and strategy of BJJ. It is a rolling six week curriculum where a subject from each of the categories below is covered.

Although open to everyone we recommend beginners attend this class before regular classes. It is an excellent introduction to BJJ, especially for those with no background in martial arts.

The fundamentals class is a gi class.


Escaping from a disadvantageous position. This could be escaping a submission attempt or from underneath a pin.

Sweeps from guard

Reversing a position when you are on the bottom, to come up on top.

Submissions x 2

Submitting your opponent, including chokes and arm locks. These can be done from a top position or from the guard.

Passing the guard

Getting passed an opponent defending in the guard. Half guard, full guard, butterfly guard etc.

Throws and takedowns

Taking your opponent down utilising throws, trips etc.